Italo … Sicily’s famous dog

Italo … Sicily’s famous dog

A couple of Summer’s ago, whilst being on The Inspector Montalbano Filming Locations Tour with a friend who was staying with us, we visited the beautiful town of Scicli in South East Sicily. Scicli is one of Sicily’s UNESCO listed Baroque towns and one of my…



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  • User AvatarFrank Wilson { You have certainly done great work on the Carusi and bringing this to the attention of the world. One interesting fact that could be researched and added is when sulfur... } – Oct 17, 10:57 PM
  • User AvatarAndrew and Suzanne Edwards { Glad you enjoyed your visit. Thank you for your comments. They're a fascinating bunch. } – Oct 11, 8:35 PM
  • User AvatarTristan Salazar { Thought your summation of the Piccolos and their house superb. ! Made the place come alive when I visited last week. So good that you did this since there is... } – Oct 11, 5:03 PM
  • User AvatarGiulio L { Again Archimedes, we would be living very mundane lives if not for his tenacity . } – Oct 02, 12:22 AM
  • User AvatarPatti { So where can I find Gianni? } – Sep 25, 3:17 PM
  • User AvatarKarmelo A { Hi, sorry for the somewhat distant tone of my previous posting. I am not a historian and up to a couple of weeks ago, most of what I knew about... } – Sep 22, 5:05 PM

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