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  • User AvatarSteven Campo { Ti salutu Giovanni, Si' giustu, pirchi sugnu sicuru sicuru ca semu cugini, canusciu gia la so nannu, era nu cuginu cu me nannu da Sicilia, Agrigentu / You are right,... } – Mar 25, 1:57 PM
  • User Avatarsandy campo clay { Stephen thank you so very much. And yes thank you Angelo Coniglio for the article which may allow long lost family to reunite. Stephen I will email you soon since... } – Mar 25, 1:50 PM
  • User AvatarGiovanni { That's is so nice!! You may have met your family thanks to this article. A big thanks to Angelo Coniglio and his priceless articles about Sicilian Genealogy!!! Kudos!! } – Mar 24, 7:20 PM
  • User AvatarSteven Campo { Ciau Sandy, Ma certu ca semu cugini, chi beddu eni! / But certainly we are cousins, that is wonderful! I already have a good idea who your great grandfather Vinceno... } – Mar 24, 1:29 PM
  • User AvatarMaria Lina { The word "sfincia" can be found in different expressions or ways of saying. You must be careful because there could be more than one meaning for the same expression, as... } – Mar 23, 12:40 PM
  • User Avatarsandy campo clay { Dear Stephen I am so glad to read your post about villafranca. My grandfather vincenzo campo was born in villafranca I would think around 1872 judging ftom his age in... } – Mar 22, 8:37 PM

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