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Karl’s Little Red Book

Fascinated by how travel has changed over the centuries, it is perhaps no surprise that we have amassed a small collection of antique guidebooks...

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A Conspiracy of Talkers

Gaetano Savatteri is an astute observer of the quirks and nuances of Sicilian society.  In our book on Palermo’s Hotel delle Palme, Ghosts of...

The Invention of Sicily

A Jewel and Other Texts


Exhibition in Palermo: When Masayoshi Sukita Photographed David Bowie

It seems like Masayoshi Sukita and David Bowie were soul mates who were destined to come together in the name of art. You only...
Reignite your soul.. in Sicily spot_img


Pietro Pisani: Mental Health Pioneer

In these uncertain times, we’ve all been focusing a little bit more on the theme of mental health. When normal life gets suspended, and...

The Women of Casa Florio: Faces of a Divine Sicily – Photography Exhibition

The Associazione Culturale Casa Florio is happy to announce the first photography exhibition entirely dedicated to the female figures of the Florio family entitled...

His Master’s Reflection

After chasing the disparate threads of numerous authors around Andalucia and the venerable byways of millennial Trinacria, we wanted to narrow our focus for...

Dolce & Gabbana take over Palermo

Sicily is an island used to being taken over by invaders, first by the Greeks and the Romans, thereafter the island was invaded by...

Lucky Tony D’amico Joins Leeds Super Casino as 200th Employee

The £30m Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds, UK is welcoming its 200th employee – all the way from Sicily. Antonino D’Amico has travelled more than...

Sicilian Language Topics

Superstitions, folktales and incantations from Sicily

Under the surface of established religion in Sicily there is an ancient faith which has existed for longer than Catholicism and still thrives in...

Antonio Veneziano: Prince of Sicilian Renaissance Poetry

By Gaetano Cipolla Antonio Veneziano (1543-1593), notwithstanding the fact that he was acclaimed as the greatest poet of the Sicilian Renaissance whose fame endured for...

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