Stainless Steel Sculptured Homage to Francis Ford Coppola

      Homage to Francis Ford Coppola in the town called Savoca made of stainless steel sculptured by our friend Nino Ucchino .  This is opposite the bar Vitelli which was featured in Godfather Part 1 where Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) sat with his bodyguards.  Savoca is a beautiful hill town with views across to Calabria. It’s only a short drive from our home in Roccalumera and we often drive up there for a coffee or Bianco Sarti and almond cake.                                       Diana Wood


Diana Wood
Diana Wood
I'm English, born in Kent and lived and worked in London for many years. Now I have a home on that wonderful paradox of an island - Sicily. It's an extremely photogenic place and I never get tired of its beauty and surprises. I divide my time between living in a thatched cottage in Devon and an apartment by the sea in Roccalumera in the Province of Messina. The best of both worlds! I share my life now with my Sicilian partner Natale.

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