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I received my degree in Finance a long time ago and after one year on Wall Street, I entered the world of non-profit. Over the years I have worked in many areas of administration and development as a Board President of one organization, a VP of another and a Board Member for a still others.

I currently sit on the Board of Managers of the 170 member New York Choral Society where I happily sing as a 1st alto. I’ve loved being involved in all of this planning, organizing and dealing with people over the years.  I also love Sicily, my ancestral homeland.

I am now using all the experience I have accumulated and my love for Sicily to plan personalized and very memorable trips for people. I am also producing events to highlight the culture, food, wine and traditions of Sicily. I write about my observations and impressions.

I want to help people discover why their very next trip should be to that unique and wonderful island.

Karen La Rosa

Karen La Rosa
Karen La Rosahttp://www.larosaworks.com
Karen La Rosa is the President of La RosaWorks, Travel and Tourism. Karen organizes tours, customizing itineraries with an eye towards revealing the heart and soul of Sicily. Through experiences of all kinds, off the beaten path, Slow food and wine, and local opportunities available to clients because of my contacts and intimate knowledge of the island, Karen has provided many, many, people with truly memorable trips.

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