Almond Tree Blossom Festival 67th ed.

Sunday the 12th Feb  “Mandorlo in Fiore” (almond tree blossom)

The Indian Group “Nrityanjali Academy” from Nuova Deli, won the “Tempio d’Oro” (Golden Temple) of the 67th Edition of the “Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore” Festival.

Other Awards winners:

Peru’: Best Costum design – Ireland: Best Music – Adigheyia: Award for best Dance –  Choreography: Serbia – Miss Spring: Colombia  –

Mandorlo in Fiore (almond tree blossom) is Sicily’s  celebration of the colours and smells of the spring season, while promoting  cultural traditions that are unique to the island. It takes place around the  well-preserved Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.The programme includes the International Festival of  Folklore and the International Festival of Children in the World, offering an  array of performances, from theatre and dance to music. This is a chance to  enjoy some of the best in culture, food and the arts that Sicily has to  offer.
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The Editor
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