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      I made a promise to my fellow-supporters of the “coolest” team in soccer, Palermo, that should Palermo be relegated to Serie B I would be first in line to support them by buying a season ticket. Well, fatto! I can’t say I was the first in line today at the beautiful Stadio Barbera at the foot of the even more beautiful and breathtaking Monte Pellegrino, but close enough that in an era of broken promises I’m comfortable in saying I kept mine.

I would like to use this space to write about my experiences following the club during a year in Italian-soccer’s second-division. Palermo fans are used to being in Serie B and even lower, but I have to guess I am one of the few 100% Americans (no italian blood) to follow a second-division Italian club. Be aware that I predict my writings will be less soccer and more cultural, especially if I get to road games in places like Crotone and Ternana.

I may write a little or a lot, why be so formal, but I promise to write what I think you, the reader, will enjoy. Ok, enough promises. Next you’ll want me to promise that just by the sheer will of my fandom I can carry Palermo back into the top-flight division. Not even Joe Namath would promise that.

That’s all for now. I have my season-pass in hand and will be sitting in Curva Nord. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the most important part: Real Men follow teams who wear Pink Jerseys. So there. Forza Palermo, the team and the city!
Stay tuned!!!

Gary Drake

Gary Drake
Gary Drake
Gary Drake is American freelance writer who lives year-round in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily. Gary has lived in several big American cites and spent time in Milan before settling in Sicily. He is the author of "Silent Bell" "Digital Lives" "Daily News of Sicily" and "Conversation With A Settler". Gary's pastimes include, among many things, Palermo soccer, baseball, Dylan, Sicilian history, philosophy, and discussing the meaning of life with the wise sages that gather at the coffee shops of Castellammare del golfo.

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  1. I look forward to your reports! The rich culture that surrounds the lower divisions of calcio as well as Palermo is a certainly a compelling topic.

  2. Hello Gary, I have been back and for to Sicily since the early 1980’s and have lived there several times. When I returned to the states after living in Taormina from 2007-2010 and collecting recipes from the homes of the locals in the area, I now have a published cook book. Visit my website to find out more.

    As the doors open, I will be relocating by the end of the year, this time to Giardini Naxos. Hope to know you as a fellow American living in Sicily.

  3. Hey Gary!
    I mention you often and this is exactly how I have envisioned your relocation to Sicily. Hope these people know how lucky they are to have you. Glad to see you’re well.



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