Our region is ”Sicilian” and not ”Sicily”

Sicilian FlagOur region is “Sicilian” and not “Sicily”, not only because this is the formal name, but also for a precise historic reason and for a precise institutional relationship which links it to Italy.

The official name cannot be modified not even artificially through its wrong use. Just like Sardinia is called Autonomous Region of Sardinia, equally Sicily must be called only “Regione Siciliana” (Sicilian Region) when referring to the Juridical entity which represents it, on a different note “Sicily Region” (Regione Sicilia) is can be accepted as an expression only when referring to the territory over which the mentioned juridical entity exercises its sovereignity.

The region is “Sicilian” sounding like the Republic which is “Italian” e not “Italy” (same as the Union which is “European”) because it is born originally as sovereign entity and linked to Italy by an agreement relationship and potentially equal.

The Region “Sicily”, instead, would be a region “conceded” from the centre, a burocratic and administrative article of the Italian State, like the neocentralists want it; the “Sicilian Region”, instead, has prefered the adjective to the noun because it does not “constitute” a political community as per gentle concession of the state, but it derives from a national community or in any case historical and geo political community which already existed and which finds its own first legal aknowledgment in the Sicilian People and in its history, even before the decree of Umberto II or in its constitutional law (n.2 of 1948): these last ones, at the most, “recognize” the autonomy of Sicily and make it part of the Republican Constitution, but do not have constitutional value.

Sicily is an institution on its own and a society (before being a state or a public entity), from this it comes a State (not clearly declared as such, but only in its substance for the statute formality and for the way it was formed) which, having to refer to that country – society,  needs an adjective. So in teh world there will be a “Generalitat de Catalunya” and not a “Generalitat Catalunya”, a “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” and not a “United Kingdom Great Britain etc.”

We have officially made aware the responsibles of the Institutional web site of our region and even before, the governor, to whom we give the political responsibility of the matter, in order to adjust the name and be active to  make sure people are informed about the real name of the entity which sovereigns our “little country” and even more generally to make sure that the values of the autonomy are spread through an activity of “civic education”.

The opinion of L’Altra Sicilia is that the institutional web site of the sicilian region should be www.regionesiciliana.it and not www.regionesicilia.it

The fact that this appeal of ours keeps being unanswered has to be interpreted as a matter of ignorance and disappreciation for the instituions and for Sicily itself which does not deserve this from the people to whom has given the biggest of our treasures: the administration of the public enities.

Viva la Trinacria! Viva il Vespro! Viva la Sicilia!

L’Altra Sicilia

Traduzione: Massimiliano Di Domenico

The Editor
The Editor
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