Antoinette Silicato

Antoinette Silicato is an American jazz-pop song stylist who, in her formative years, privately studied classical voice and was coached and mentored in jazz vocal styles, while also being immersed in jazz workshops and one room music theory and solfeggio schools, in New York City. As a soprano, her voice was added in Jazz Ensembles, Negro Spiritual Choirs, Gospel Choirs and Musical Theatre. For over three decades, Silicato has sung as a solo artist and is mostly accompanied by jazz trios. As a writer, she had a Spotlight Review Column in the La Voce Italian American Publication in Las Vegas for four years and in 2012, she had her first book, "Soulful Sicilian Cooking" published by Legas Publishers. On return to Sicily, in 2014, Silicato has begun to travel the island for the second of her two-volume collection of Sicilian Recipes, while embarking on new singing projects.

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