Ettore Zanca

Ettore Zanca was born in Palermo in 1971. He lives in Colleferro (Rome). He has a degree in law, is a writer, a blogger and on-line journalist. He writes editorials by the title "Fango e Stelle"(Mud and Stars) for the web Information Page - Informare per Resistere - (To inform is to resist) and writes for the on-line daily "La Valle dei Templi"(The Valley of the Temples). He has published by Coppola publishing house "Il pizzino della legalità" (The Note of Legality) and "Zupì e gli infedeli" ("Zu Pinu" and the infidels", the story of Don Pino Puglisi. Winner of the Il Convivio's literary prize, Giardini Naxos 2010, with the story "Il colore che non esiste" (The non Color) and winner of the contest "Fame di parole" (Words' hunger), 2012, for writings about dietary disorder, on the Societa` Italiana di Psiclogia, with "Meglio Essere Peter Parker" (It is better to be Peter Parker).

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