Santi Buscemi

Santi Buscemi is a professor at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ.He has had published English translations of Luigi Capuana's books C'era una volta and Il Marchese di Roccaverdina. They are available from Dante University Press. In addition, Buscemi has published a translation of this nineteenth-century Sicilian author's short play 'Ntirrugatoriu in the Journal of Italian Translation (ed. by Luigi Bonaffini of Brooklyn College). He has also translated several of Capuana's other plays, and has published translations of Capuana's fairy tales in other journals. Along with a friend he also presented the 'Ntirrugatoriu as a dramatic reading at a meeting of the Italian-American Writer's Association in New York in 2012. In addition, Buscemi has written an Internet course on Sicilian literature for Dante University, and lectured on the island's literature and architecture at Dorothea's House in Princeton, NJ and at his own college.

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