Biviere Garden (Borghese Garden)

Lucia Iacono
Lucia Iacono
In the farthest part of southern Europe, I was born on St. Lucia's Day in Siracusa, Sicily, and have resided here since 1994. Primarily, I work as an official tour guide in the provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa. I adore my job and fell in love with it a long time ago while embarking on a private, guided tour of Greece. I was charmed by the tour guide's way of describing his world with simplicity, passion, and politeness while communicating his love for Greece to us. Although I realize I do not know everything about my country, I approach life with an endless curiosity as the basic ingredient in everything I do. Through my job experience, I continue to learn how to look at and describe my people, culture, and environment. I aim to do this with the same sense of wonder and curiosity that I think Eve demonstrated when she started to explore the world. I embark with my tourists and feel the initial level of passion and surprise on every tour as if it is a first-time experience, which is amazing.

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