Cum Laude: The Fashion Brand “Made in Sicily”

May the 7th, 2013GREECE, CRETE, CHANIA, old harbour, the lighthouse 2

        In this Spring/Summer will come to life Cum Laude. The Fashion brand “Made in Sicily” wants to develop eco-sustainable fashion, balancing modernity and tradition, innovation and craftsmanship. In the coming months there will be a glamour event in Milan that will involve important personalities. During this event will be present a new product that doesn’t respect logic of globalization that is “to produce at law cost taking from quality”. These products will represent a perfect mix of quality and design, in harmony with the concept of eco-sustainibility.

This new brand proposes clothes and accessories that represent a perfect mix of quality and design. Cum Laude will fabricate only one hundred models of particular bags created with Italian materials and ancient Japanese kimono. These models will represent rare product for customers. Sicilian Brand is involving models from all over the world by the initiative “Cum laude in the world”. Cum Laude has decided in fact to combine woman’s beauty and landscapes’ beauty, showing art and history by fashion.

After the first phase in Tokyo (Japan), San Francisco (USA) and Melbourne (Australia), Cum Laude has decided to honor his own land. They will shoot the spot in Palermo, in a typical and famous open-air market called “Vucciria”.
The strength of Cum Laude’s creations is the mix with nature and materials like silk and hemp, all eco-sustainable. These textiles are intensified by natural colorations that are extracted from black tea, pomegranate and saffron.


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