Does Fernandelli victory represent Raffaele Lombardo’s victory?

Fabrizio Ferrandelli is a thirty years old known in the City for his happy ambivalence: for social activity, outside the establishment, and as councilman within the establishment. A number of movements (more or less substantial, in all about forty) have given life to a political alliance (that calls itself “Palermo piu`”) with the intent to represent — in the local institutions — the ideals and the interests of the civic society: when they had to choose a mayoral candidate that they could trust, it was reasonable enough to “adopt” the amphibian Fernandelli.

In the electoral campaign he and his staff thought to be better to proceed avoiding their own identity, independent and not pertaining to the reasoning of the party and have made an alliance with a center-left party, the PD (Democratic Party). Actually, to be precise, with half of the PD: that half which finds convenient to collaborate with the chief of the center-right Raffaele Lombardo and, for this, does not share the ‘official’ choice of the PD to run as a candidate – together with other parties of the left – the euro-representative Rita Borsellino, sister of one of the judges killed by the mafia in 1992.

At this point the situation in Palermo is confused. Ferrandelli won (even for a few ballots) the primary, that in some circumstances were conducted in an irregular way and the PD, this time in its wholeness, nominated him ‘official’ candidate to the Town Hall elections of May 6 or 7; but many pundits – like me – were disappointed because they thought that the project of the civic list, which could finally have given rules and regulations to the parties, and not being driven at the same time by some foxes clinging to the power of the seats, had been betrayed and abandoned.

Will Ferrandelli win the elections even if he had to run not only with two candidates of the center-left, but even with another candidate of the left?
To posterity the hard sentence. But it is only a near posterity, less than two months from the elections. It is possible that even some of us today, could survive to see the conclusion of the Pirandellian affair.

Augusto Cavadi

Translated by Nino Russo

The Editor
The Editor
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