I love you

 You never asked me, and now you will never ask me. Not in words. Your gestures and protective spirit reveal a love that is not based upon meaningless, sweet words, but on daily behavior. I know that you love me and you know that I love you. And you do not need to ask me.

You know that I love you because you have a deep sense of duty, as unshakable as a cliff, and have a smile that looks like you fear the splash from a continually wavering and gloomy sea. I love you because I know the price of your sacrifice which you think you impose upon me. I love you because, at times, in the most difficult moments of your life and demanding profession, you never denied me a smile.

 I love you because I know what it takes to promote law and civil rights. I work in the same field. I love you because I know the high regard you hold for the few people that you really love, your bodyguards, your friends, so much so that when you go away and I am left behind with them, sometimes I would like to say not to fight the Mafia in the same relentless way that you do.

I love you because when I am with you I do not see the daily limits between life and death, which is the same between dreams and nightmares.

 I love you because with me you become a child, so much so that you revealed your love for me to my brother, like an adolescent, or when in the presence of your dearest friends you wanted to show them that you could kiss me, since they would not believe that we were a couple.

I love you because those who are always in their daily negative reality view love as a job. They make me laugh. Why they do not look at us then?

I love you because I have to share you with your sense of duty for the State and because we became a  symbiotic couple, since we are gone, there are no longer lone photograph of  me.

   I love you because no other woman would have taken what you told me as the major love sign toward a new life. And for this I thank you Giovanni.

When we talked about children of our own, you said, No!” I still remember your words: “Let’s not generate orphans.”

I love you because thanks to you, one less person is mourning for us, but if he were here, our son would have wailed more than anybody else and I, even at this point, would have been distressed by this, as any mother with a caring heart.

Always yours,


By Ettore Zanca – beneficiodinventario.blogspot.it
Translated By Nino Russo and F. Anthony D’Alessandro

Ettore Zanca
Ettore Zancahttp://beneficiodinventario.blogspot.it.
Ettore Zanca was born in Palermo in 1971. He lives in Colleferro (Rome). He has a degree in law, is a writer, a blogger and on-line journalist. He writes editorials by the title "Fango e Stelle"(Mud and Stars) for the web Information Page - Informare per Resistere - (To inform is to resist) and writes for the on-line daily "La Valle dei Templi"(The Valley of the Temples). He has published by Coppola publishing house "Il pizzino della legalità" (The Note of Legality) and "Zupì e gli infedeli" ("Zu Pinu" and the infidels", the story of Don Pino Puglisi. Winner of the Il Convivio's literary prize, Giardini Naxos 2010, with the story "Il colore che non esiste" (The non Color) and winner of the contest "Fame di parole" (Words' hunger), 2012, for writings about dietary disorder, on the Societa` Italiana di Psiclogia, with "Meglio Essere Peter Parker" (It is better to be Peter Parker).

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