At ISP, Sicilian kids grow with international mindedness

So, what does international mindedness mean?

It is the ability to see ourselves as responsible citizens of the world based on the understanding that the world is bigger than the community in which we live. It’s about making connections with others and better preparing ourselves for 21st century challenges.

At ISP we build a foundation for learning based on these understandings. To be open-minded enough to explore issues in the world from both sides of an argument, prepares children to listen to each other, be willing to accept difference and develop empathy for different people in different situations.

In Sicily, hidden in the heart of Palermo, Sicilian kids grow internationally. Their minds are stimulated to question the impossible and aspire to make amazing changes. Challenges are seen merely as obstacles to overcome. Inquiry is a vessel that we climb aboard, leave no stone unturned and explore every aspect until we reach our destination. The view is beautiful, so come and see it for yourself!


Emma Wagland
Emma Wagland
Emma Wagland is a young Australian teacher who works at the International School (IS) in Palermo where all lessons are conducted in English. Emma hails from Byron Bay, New South Wales. She arrived in Sicily in 2011. Originally her visit to Sicily was just a badly needed break from the horrors of the British weather and her stressful job of teaching in inner-city primary schools there. Wine tasting in the elegant surroundings of Sant’Anastasia near Castelbuono, and enjoying the food and climate, all contributed to their deciding that perhaps Sicily would be a better place to live than the wet and windy UK. She has been working at IS for several years now and is dedicated to her mission to teach young students from Grade I to Grade 6 to become responsible citizens of the world.

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