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Archeological research and discovery of knowledge & flavors in Sicily

JULY/SEPTEMBER 2013 CAMPOBELLO DI LICATA (AG) SICILY website: http://happening.kalat.org

In Sicily, between July & September 2013, at Campobello di Licata (Agrigento’s province) will take place the innovative Happening Kalat, the international youth summer camps about archaeology, history, art, music, free time & Sicilian gastronomy, promoted in the frame of QLT (Quantum Leap Trend), an exemplary project for Italy’s Southern regions, supported by Fondazione CON IL SUD. The activities will be also carried out with the scientific advice of Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Archeologia dell’Università degli Studi di Palermo, the supervision of Assessorato BBCCAA della Regione Siciliana e della Soprintendenza ai BBCCAA di Agrigento, in collaboration with the Sicilian Coordination of Libera, Agrigento’s Direction of Slow Food® and the SOAT of Campobello di Licata & Grotte.

After the approval of an Innovative Action for Employment regarding the Ministry of Labour, Kalat is proposing an exciting new formula which joins archaeological research in lands confiscated from the mafia (in collaboration with Libera) with Sicilian food, wine & sweets tastings (in collaboration with Slow Food®). It also includes creative workshops on Prehistory, excursions & guided tours, swimming and sand sculptures at Licata’s beach, photo contests, video projections & musical evenings.

The international summer camps of archaeology, -which are reaching their XVIII edition through the Kalat project-, will include field-survey, data processing and the recovery of the Old Bronze Age necropolis called Iachinu Filì (XXII-XVI centuries BC), which contains dozens of cave tombs, some of them reused during Byzantine Age.

The results of survey activities allowed the identification of more than 170 archaeological sites ranging from the Neolithic Age to Arab Age, which turned Campobello di Licata the most archeologically investigated territory in Italy. Besides the recovery activities of the Parco antico di Iachinu Filì resulted in the creation of the Kalat project’s permanent exhibition. It will outline the initiatives, the methods & 18 years of research & discoveries, as well as faces, memories & the moments spent by more than 1000 Italian & foreign youngsters within the Kalat project.

This enriched programme is open to enthusiasts, students, volunteers, researchers & experts between 18 and 35 years old. The official languages are English and Italian.

The weekly enrolment fee varies up to a maximum of € 350 and includes meals based on typical Sicilian cuisine, accomodation, internal transfers, accidents insurance, the didactic activities indicated in the programme and the participation’s certificate (which gives the right to get from 2 to 5 university credits).

For further information about the activities, aimed to a tourist development of the territory & to foster cultural & youth entrepreneurship, you can contact the Kalat Project, Via Trieste (c/o Centro Polivalente Comunale), 92023 – Campobello di Licata (AG), Italy. Tel/Fax +39 0922883508 sito internet: http://happening.kalat.org e-mail: info@kalat.org

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