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    Living in the Internet age, the experience of endless solicitation and sensory overload courtesy of electronic media has become the norm. Under a barrage of flashing images, articles, advertisements, etc., I find that I sometimes get lost in the hype for perhaps a second or two as I tend to skim or speed read information. My full interest and engagement with material floating in cyberspace tends to wane as a personal connection often does not exist.

    So imagine my utter surprise when I encountered Times of Sicily online.  Was it worth allocating any time to investigate? After reading a few articles, I had a definitive response, and it was an emphatic yes!  Although I have always had a profound appreciation of history, culture, and the arts, this newspaper represents something for which I felt the desire to become a part of for personal reasons that I will share.

    Although I am American, a New Orleans native now living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I am connected to Sicily and harbor a deeply rooted love for it.  My family came to America from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and settled in NYC, which is where my father was born.

    Because of who I am, I strive to see my family’s homeland recognized and appreciated by the world over for the beauty of its people and land. Therefore, contributing to this endeavor reflects a love of family for me.  It provides a sense of connection that stems from the heart, and it is an honor to be a part of this venture.

Kelli Scarpaci

Kelli Scarpaci Reynolds
Kelli Scarpaci Reynolds
Kelli is National Board Certified in English language arts and holds a master’s degree in English language instruction along with school administration. Her secondary teaching endorsements include English, French, ESL, and history. Formerly, Kelli taught secondary English, served as department chair and mentor to new teachers, and was named teacher of the year. Currently, she oversees 6th-12th English language arts’ instruction at a district-level capacity, develops curriculum and assessment pieces, and provides professional development to teachers.

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