Lucky Tony D’amico Joins Leeds Super Casino as 200th Employee

Antonino D'Amico at Victoria Gate Casino 1The £30m Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds, UK is welcoming its 200th employee – all the way from Sicily.

Antonino D’Amico has travelled more than 1,800 miles to follow his dream of working at the impressive new super casino in Leeds.

The 29-year-old from Palermo in Sicily is the casino’s 200th employee and has taken on the role of Croupier at the venue, which is the biggest casino in the North of England.

Antonino, who is also known as Tony, said: “I was studying medicine and surgery in Italy but I really wanted a new adventure – something where I could improve my English and learn some new skills.

“I remember the first time I went into a casino back in Italy – the atmosphere when we first walked in was unbelievable. I loved it.

“I really enjoy the buzz and the interaction of speaking to everyone round the table and hearing their stories. It doesn’t feel like you’re working because it’s such a fun job and you meet really interesting people.

“I was so lucky to find a job at Victoria Gate Casino because Leeds is just fantastic and the casino is a wonderful place. The staff and management are already my friends.”

He added: “The casino is beautiful and to walk in as a customer is incredible but to work here is something else. It’s amazing and I’m excited to start building a career here.”

Victoria Gate Casino has created 200 full-time jobs across a variety of roles including gaming, waiting and bar staff, to chefs, cashiers, greeters, security and administrative staff – 90 per cent of those employees have been sourced from within the Leeds City Region.

The casino has also trained and employed dozens of people in the NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) category.

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