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15 Topics, Courses for Presentations to Cultural, Corporate, and Educational Events

With over three decades of experience as a writer/author, a television producer, and a film director/producer, Mark Spano brings a wealth of expertise and personality to every speaking engagement.

Mark at the podium

Noted for compelling presentations on his feature-length documentary, “Sicily: Land of Love and Strife,” Mark’s presentations and classes on a host of topics related to films and filmmaking are not just informative but deeply engaging, leaving audiences enlightened and inspired. He infuses his talks with depth and insight gained through extensive teaching experience in creative writing and television production and through his profound knowledge of film, literature, Italian American issues, and Sicily’s rich, complex history.

Roma città aperta by Rossellini (from Mark’s Neorealismo lecture)

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Mark Spano
Mark Spano
Mark Spano is a writer and filmmaker. He has recently held zoom Q&A for a Melbourne Australia Sicilian group. Also completed a short marketing/fundraising film for Family Promise of the Triangle. Spano completed a feature documentary entitled “Reimagining Sicily” that explores the rich aspects of the island’s history and culture that are relatively unknown across global media. He holds a Master’s Degree in Literature and Creative Writing and an MBA in Marketing. He is a Sicilian American residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

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