Movie Cameras Rolling In Castellammare del Golfo

photoA new movie is being filmed in and around Castellammare del Golfo, “Leaves of the Tree”. The “Leaves of the Tree” is about an ordinary family in extraordinary circumstances: A lawyer has a deadly disease, he and his wife follow a doctor with a miracle cure to Castellammare del Golfo, where their scientist daughter discovers the doctor’s secret.

The movie stars Eric Roberts as the lawyer, Sean Young as his wife, Frederico Castellucci as the doctor, and Sarah Sebastiana as the daughter. Armand Assante plays the lawyer’s friend, Joe Buffa, whose family is from Castellammare del Golfo. Kresh Novakovic and Marissa Brown are also featured in the film. The full cast and crew can be seen at the Internet Movie Datebase,

photo 2Filming started at the Tonnara at Scopello on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, continued at the Temple of Segesta, followed by the Terme di Segesta, the Ecologica Buffa in Castellammate del Golfo and then a private baglio in Fraginesi overlooking the bay of Castellammare. Filming is now continuing in and around Castellammare del Golfo and adjoining locations in Scopello.

The director is Ante Novakovic, Joanna Lu is lead producer, Gogi Productions LLC of Houston, Texas is producing the movie. CICI Films of Castellammare del Golfo is working with Gogi as the Italian production company, Claudio Columba of CICI is the Unit Production Manager in Sicily. The film will premier in late 2014 in Texas and in Sicily.

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  1. Thanks for publishing this site. Excellent. I’m looking to contact the LEAVES OF THE TREE production photographer, Carlo Di Pasquale, but am having no success. Could you help me with that? Thanks in advance.

    I’m the actor who played Father John Callahan in the film.

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