Palermo vs Lazio 5-1 it’s not just about football, it’s much more than that

      I could write about yesterday’s football match, about the outstanding performance of my team and the happiness of the supporters last night when Palermo scored 5 fantastic goals against Lazio, one of the top teams of the current Serie A league.

    I could rate each one of the “rosanero” players and the coach, I could summirize some of the  known and expected statements of the Persident of the Club, Mr. Zamparini, I could spend hours talking about Miccoli our great little Captain and his special feelings for Palermo and its inhabitants, but that’s not the point I want to make today; I’m sure you’ve read and you’ve seen enough of the above through different websites, youtube, etc etc.

     I just want to share with all of you something I really, truly and strongly believe in: the importance of such results for the whole city of  Palermo,  and the “extended” benefits that could come with that. The better Palermo performs, the more Palermo achieves important results (and by the way the same applies for Catania and on a smaller scale for all other Sicilian football teams!) the better it is for the city itself and for the whole Sicily.

     We Sicilians (in Sicily and wherever we are around the world) do have an opportunity to contribute, through football, the most popular sport in our country and in many parts of the world, to improve the image of our beautiful island! So let’s keep supporting our teams giving the best example of “real supporters”, respecting always our team, the opponents, referees and their assisstants, let’s show all around the world, what Sicily really is and what Sicilians are capable of …

I wish Palermo and Catania would play in Europe next year (and Trapani, Siracusa, Messina, etc etc to win their respective leagues) and to show Europe good football, excellent supporters, and the best of our Island to all guests supporters who will come to visit Sicily.

Massimiliano Di Domenico

Max Di Domenico



Massimiliano Di Domenico
Massimiliano Di Domenico
Born and raised in Palermo, immediately after graduating in statistics, the desire to fulfill myself professionally led me to abandon my beautiful land to begin work on a new adventure.

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  1. Ottimo articolo,il tuo amore per Palermo e la Sicilia è ammirevole.
    Bravo! Tutti i Siciliani dovrebbero prendere esempio da te.

    Forza Palermo e forza la Sicilia.

    Massimiliano Gugliara.

    • How could I not agree with Max.
      In name of this support, dedication and love to my Palermo and my Sicily, in fact, I choose to title my company “Amuri”. The Sicilian word for “Love”.
      What better name to show my belief to the strong potentialities that Sicily and Sicilian have.

    • sono d’accordissimo con l’amico Gugliara…..bellissimo articolo !!!!

      e poi detto da un interista i complimeneti valgono “4” volte di piu’ !!!!!!!!!!

      ciao my friend.


  2. Concordo anche io con gli altri, ottimo articolo grazie!

    Unica differenza, prima forza Catania, e poi, nel caso, anche forza Palermo….


  3. In verità ti confido che ancora mi devo riprendere dalle 5 sberle prese domenica sera….ma leggere e constatare l’amore che hai per questa squadra e per la tua sicilia è la conferma che il tuo cuore è rimasto LI.. le tue parole possono solo evidenziare che a prescindere dal tifo possiamo tutti dare un apporto significativo.Vorrei sentire altre persone che scrivono e la pensano come te..


  4. Great article with a powerfull mesage.. Sicilia is indeed an awesome place and it is up to the Siciliana to make it a better place for themselves and a attractive destination for the rest of the world.

  5. ottimo articolo…. una terra così bella merita una squadra di livello e bella da vedere …non solo nei colori


  6. As a Lazio supporter I would like first of all to thank Max for mentioning Lazio as one of the top teams in Serie A!;-)
    In fact, we are so strong that we lost!;-)
    I have to admit that you made a great performance and you deserved to win…and I do agree with Max that Sicily needs such performances to increase its visibility and to show what a beautiful island it is!
    I’m from Rome but – above all – I am Italian and proud of having such a fascinating piece of land in my country! And I am happy if soccer can be the means to show it worldwide!
    …but in the end…forza Lazio!;-)

  7. bellissimo articolo!!! il riscatto della Sicilia deve passare anche attraverso lo sport, anche attraverso le sue squadre di calcio. Penso non solo al Palermo e al Catania,ma anche al Trapani e al Siracusa che stanno combattendo per un posto in B.
    Io sarò sempre grato a Zamparini, ma il mio sogno è quello di vedere la presidenza del Palermo calcio in mano,non tanto agli arabi,ma ad un palermitano doc, che metta, oltre i soldi, anche tanto ma tanto amore per la maglia (un pò come Pulvirenti a Catania).
    Continuiamo così perchè siamo sulla strada giusta!!!!

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