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Carmelina Ricciardello
Carmelina Ricciardello
I’ve decided the best way to help the Sicily I love is to promote it to people who want to live life as a Sicilian local. My name is Carmelina Ricciardello. I was born in Sicily and emigrated to Australia when I was 7 years old. In 1992, twenty eight years later, I returned to my homeland for a short visit and have been here ever since. It was in Sicily that I felt the sense of belonging I had never experienced in Australia where I grew up. Sicily was in me and now I am in Sicily enjoying its beauty, joys and difficulties. Sicily has little of the glamour of Tuscany, and Umbria but it has its own unique character born out of the hardship and brutality that characterised much of its history. I had an obsession to tell the world about its unpretentious beauty and relatively untainted village life. Not to turn it into yet another popular tourist destination but to provide an opportunity for keen travellers to taste the simple life of a Sicilian villager.

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  1. I am an Australian of Sicilian background (Messina) and would dearly love to know more about Carmelita and this amazing town.

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