Post-Covid Luxury Travel Desires

Traveling smartly and choosing local vacation spots is a growing trend among post-covid travelers. Smaller communities with rich histories and longstanding traditions are becoming more and more common among those craving to connect with the uncommon world after a year plus of isolation and staying in one’s familiar home. As travel to far-off countries isn’t yet guaranteed as 100% secure, those still seeking vacations are considering places that are off of the mass-tourism radar, instead selecting more intentional vacations which support smaller businesses and uncover uncommon entities and experiences.

With so many people having been cooped up in their homes for so long, a new era of intentionality and quality has begun. Travelers are seeking specific territories and realities that appeal more to their inherent desires and deep curiosities. Travel will be more focused on meaningful trips which fulfill thoughtful needs and wants, rather than cheaper, often lower-quality trips which are booked with an air of indifference and casualty rather than a true desire to connect and explore inherent pursuits. Tourism is now seen in a more exclusive light and is simpler to achieve with hand-made itineraries with a focus on the intentional rather than the convenient.

Individuals and families are now seeking to travel to destinations where the uncommon path and a more “meditative” destination can be easily achieved. The pandemic has thrown people off of their daily rhythms filled with crowded realities and bustling movement. Though vacations are usually intended for rest and recharge, travelers desire to leave their homes in search of more exclusive destinations with few crowds and open air. This may demonstrate itself in the form of small bed and breakfasts rather than beachfront mega-hotels in densely populated areas, countryside retreats, or resident boutique hotels in lesser-known towns and cities. Those traveling after the pandemic desire a change in scenery without forfeiting comfort and security.

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As the economy has taken a nosedive in the tourism sector, there will be more noise from popular tourist destinations vying to win back the affection and wallets of those wishing to get back out into the world of travel. Tourists are instead seeking economic options and more sustainable patterns of exploration and the use of much-needed vacation days. Sustainability has demonstrated itself in many different forms, yet in the travel industry is still a tricky archetype to navigate. Sustainability in travel may appear in different forms such as moving around via local modes of transportation, purchasing locally-grown and crafted goods, and preferring experiences from uniquely local organizations/businesses.

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Veronica Newcomb
Veronica Newcomb
Veronica Newcomb is a California native who has recently graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy, completing the Bachelors of Science. She is passionate about food and wine and enjoys traveling the world looking for inspirational stories and unique products. She now resides in Turin, Italy, and hopes to pursue a long and thrilling career in food journalism.

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