Reimagining Sicily Preview

Reimagining Sicily
Reimagining Sicily

From June 1 to June 30 (or until we receive 100 survey responses), we are making available an online preview of the new cut of our film Reimagining Sicily.

In return for your free ticket, we need for you to respond to our simple survey. (It takes 5 minutes.)

Contact us at:, and we will send you the link for the film and the survey.

Thanks so much, Mark Spano


Mark Spano
Mark Spano
Mark Spano is a writer and filmmaker. He has recently held zoom Q&A for a Melbourne Australia Sicilian group. Also completed a short marketing/fundraising film for Family Promise of the Triangle. Spano completed a feature documentary entitled “Reimagining Sicily” that explores the rich aspects of the island’s history and culture that are relatively unknown across global media. He holds a Master’s Degree in Literature and Creative Writing and an MBA in Marketing. He is a Sicilian American residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

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