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During these strange times when we can’t travel, we can all take the chance for a bit of remote escapism.  Whether you’re a Sicilianophile dreaming of a time when you can revisit the island or a resident unable to explore the usual corners of Trinacria, here are a few suggestions in various languages for a bit of Sicilianoterapia.

Sicily Unpacked: Andrew Graham Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli
BBC: An art historian and chef explore Sicily (there are 2 further episodes)

Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean with Michael Scott
BBC: The classicist and historian investigates some known and lesser know sites (1 further episode)

Il Museo dei Viaggiatori
A look at the Sicilian museum created to celebrate the writers who visited Sicily and penned their thoughts

Madrileños por el mundo: Sicilia
TeleMadrid: Spaniards who have chosen to settle in Sicily tell their stories

The Best of Sicily: Rick Steves
The US travel journalist and guidebook writer travels around Sicily

Sicilia: Psychovox
Video to accompany the song ‘Sicilia’ by the band Psychovox

I splendori di Sicilia: Ulisse – Il piacere della scoperta
RAI: Programme discovering the natural and historical splendours of the island

Andrew and Suzanne Edwards
Andrew and Suzanne Edwards
In addition to freelance writing, Andy and Suzanne both work in education. Andy is also a translator who gets most enjoyment from translating literary works and Suzanne is a lecturer and linguistics graduate. They are frequent visitors to Sicily and have spent a great deal of time exploring its back roads in search of the landscapes that inspired the imaginations of many writers, both Sicilian and from overseas. Literature, art, food and society are their focus and their passion. Sicily has it all. They are the authors of the books - Sicily: A Literary Guide for Travellers, Andalucia: A Literary Guide for Travellers, His Master's Reflection: Travels with John Polidori, Lord Byron's Doctor, Ghosts of the Belle Epoque: The History of the Grand Hotel et des Palmes, Palermo and Down to the Sunless Sea: A Troubled Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Mediterranean. Andy is the translator of Borges in Sicily and Federico De Roberto's Agony.

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