Review of Capuana’s Sicilian Tales Translated by Buscemi

This is Diana Belchase doing a video review of Santi Buscemi’s translation of Luigi Capuana’s Sicilian Tales.

Sicilian Tales is Santi Buscemi’s translation of Luigi Capuana C’er una volta. A bilingual edition with an introduction to Sicilian literature, it contains 20 fairy tales written for children in the Capuana family. Buscemi claims “this collection is more optimistic than the author’s earlier works. Enjoy!


Diana Belchase
Diana Belchase
The granddaughter of two Italian knights, Diana Belchase grew up dreaming of castles, damsels in distress, and the gallant princes who rescued them -- except sometimes it was the damsels who did the rescuing. :-) She is a multi-award winning author who splits her time between Washington, D.C. and Sicily. Diana writes spy novels, short stories, and mainstream fiction, as well as nonfiction and speeches. She often uses her beloved Sicily as a backdrop for her stories. In her spare time, Diana writes about her life in Washington, D.C. on and interviews authors and artists on her TV show, Book Smart, which can also be seen on her YouTube Channel. Her first book, The Spy in the Mirror, a Golden Heart winner and Daphne du Maurier finalist, is expected to debut next year.

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  1. Diana, I’m glad you posted your review on video. Let’s keep pushing to make Times of Sicily a truly multi-media forum. Thanks for the review. Another book on my list. Ugh! Grazie Mille, Mark

  2. Thanks Mark! I saw your post as I was about to upload this one earlier this month and held off until now so I wouldn’t step on your review. 🙂 It’s funny how we both chose multi media to do our reviews, of similar material, and at almost the identical time. Loved your pod cast by the way!

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