Salina Festival 24 to 29 July 2012

This year Salina Festival, now in its sixth edition, will take place in Aeolian Islands Salina 24 to 29 July 2012 and will be entirelydevoted to the theme MEETINGS between peoples, cultures, natural elements, looking for similarities and curious kinship between seeminglyworlds distant, overlooking the sea itself. The Mediterranean.

Listed as one of the few festival “sustainable” environmentally certified RECS, Salina Festival this year will take in the splendid Aeolian cultured and refined a program articulated in music-theater performances, concerts,screenings, exhibitions, installations and activities of the project namedpark Acoustic Mediterranean.

Salina Festival comes to New York to Signs of Change Film Festival 2012. New York | Salina March 21, 2012 – It ‘was made official at the prestigious New York Festival twinning between Salina and the Signs of Change FilmFestival 2012 (New York March 19 to 23), an event dedicated to feature films, documentaries and short films that illustrate the actions promoted atinternational level to achieve the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

Twinning already announced during the Venice Film Festival during theXVII Mediterranean Conference on Cinema and has now led to a further recognition of the strategic role played by the Salina CineMareMusicaFestival, directed by Massimo Cavallaro, 2006, in the development of newcultural processes in ‘Mediterranean area.

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