Sicily Open Golf – March

March – Sicily Open Golf is an international event of the utmost prestige. It is a leg of the European tour, which in Italy at present includes only the Men’s Open and is the country’s main golf event, held under the patronage of the Italian Golf Federation.
The event involves all the major golf courses of the island, in several areas of the region. The tour will take place on the following courses: Il Picciolo of Castiglione Sicily (Catania), Le Madonie Golf Club of Collesano (Palermo) and Il Verdura Golf & Spa Resort in Sciacca (Agrigento). During this event, a “Pro.Am” also takes place with the participation of famous names from the worlds of sport, film, television and business. Possible participants this year include George Clooney, Valentino Rossi and Michel Platini.


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