Taormina Jazz Festival 2012

Photo: Edip Yursever

It’s again time to raise the curtain for the 3rd annual Taormina Jazz Festival to be held at  the beautiful public gardens in Taormina  beginning at 9:30 pm on July 17th -22nd.

Sponsored by the local Assessorato al Turismo e Verde Pubblico, the musical event boasts quality performances over the course of six evenings with international artists participating. Increasing in size since last year,  the festival has been included among the events rounding out  the calendar of Taormina Arte.

Artistically created by Toti Cannistraro and arranged by Nino Scandurra, patron of the initiative and owner of a local shoes and clothing boutique of the same name, the Taormina Jazz Festival since its inception has aimed to bridge traditional standards with the innovative expressions of this musical art form.

The event’s success  confirmed by previous turnout  has led to its recognition as an  international jazz festival due to its great music and the support, in fact the 2012 Taormina Jazz Festival offers to the public six evenings of fantastic music, free of charge, for your listening pleasure filled with the rhythms and emotions of  jazz.

The entire Festival program can be read on the Scandurra website

Nello Toscano Quintet - Photo: Vera Terranova

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