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Riga & Sicily: Opposites Attract

During a second visit to Riga, the author delves deeper into Latvian culture, local habits, and the city’s rich history. Initially perceiving the residents as introverted, the author finds warmth once familiarity is established. This stay reveals a nuanced view of Latvian identity, especially in their reluctance to engage with Russian culture following recent geopolitical events. Riga offers a blend of historical architecture, vibrant local cafés, and serene parks. The author also discovers a direct flight from Sicily, hinting at a cultural exchange between the two distant lands.

Ripley in Palermo

Without wanting to contribute too much to the overtourism phenomenon that is increasingly associated with film locations, we can’t help but focus on the...

Mark Spano Presents

15 Topics, Courses for Presentations to Cultural, Corporate, and Educational Events With over three decades of experience as a writer/author, a television producer, and a film...

La Notti Triunfanti

Michela Musolino has been internationally lauded for her unique ability to reimagine Sicilian folk and roots music, alchemized with renowned American musical genres, to...

Women’s Cooking: Tales & Recipes from Filicudi

If Sicily is in some respects removed from the Italian mainland, then the Aeolian Islands are to a degree removed from Sicily, and...

Protected: Last night, a DJ saved my life.

Sono sempre stato attratto dal fascino di Israele, la terra promessa, the holy land, la terra del presepe. Venivo spesso, in passato ho anche...

Contemporary Sicilian Poetry

‘Nobody looks at her anymore.’  This line jumps from the page of Contemporary Sicilian Poetry, Italica Press’ new bilingual anthology of poetry from the...

When Joe Met Joe

Giuseppe Palisi, 31 years old, and his wife Josephine 22, had no idea what awaited them as they departed Messina, Sicily for a voyage...

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