The 48th Cycle of Classical Plays – The Greek Theatre Syracuse – May/June 2012

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The  XLVIII Cycle of Classical Plays scheduled at the Greek Theater in Siracusa from May 11 to June 30, 2012, features Prometheus, The Bacchae and the Birds for 53 consecutive performances.


The play is set in Scythia amongst the crags of a desolate wasteland. Kratos (Might)  and Bia (Violence), accompanied by Hephaestus, have captured the Titan Prometheus and have chained him to a rock at the order of Zeus. The God is punishing Prometheus for going against his will by lavishing favors on the mortals; giving the gift of fire to man. Thus chained in this land at the confines, the rebellious prisoner is to meet the other characters of the play.  [..] Read more on INDA Website

The Bacchae

The God Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semele, has arrived in human form in Thebes, his mother’s city, to punish those who have doubted his divine nature by means of possessing their minds. Not recognizing him, the Theban women and the daughters of Cadmus, have been rendered mad by the God and have run off to the mountains to celebrate the Dioynistic rites and rituals. In the meantime, the God has willingly allowed himself to be captured by the King Pentheus and has been imprisoned within the walls of his kingdom. It is the very God Dionysus himself who recounts these events to us in the prologue of the play. [..] Read more on INDA Website

The Birds

Pithetaerus and Euelpides, two Athenians tired of living in their home city which has been rendered oppressive due to costly rattings and trials, have decided to take up seat in the only truly free world, that of the birds. Despite initial resistence, the two are successful in making themselves accepted thanks to the help of Epops; the bird who was once a man and king of Trace, Tereus. Nevertheless, due to the new arrivals, this alternative world starts to resemble the place from which they had escaped: Pithetaerus convinces Epops and the other birds about the potential advantages that they could have by building a city between the heaven and earth.  [..] Read more on INDA Website

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