Times of Sicily Headquarters: New Opening 

via-LibertaFinally what many of us have been waiting and asking for.  Times of Sicily will have a downtown headquarters office in Palermo. We have found the right property, the right place, the right people and now we are looking for more aficionados to join us.

Besides our cultural mission, the idea is also to have an English/International hub in Palermo where people can meet, discuss, inform and exchange information about new business horizons being based in Sicily but with a totally global outreach.

We will give full details as from next month but we want there to be desks and space where our contributors can enjoy writing their articles, some shelves to put books we review and receive from writers and some great photos of Sicily. It will be a place where we can organize events, also with a comfortable couch and a camera so as to conduct our interviews from. We’re even thinking of creating a corner for that snooker table or “calcetto balilla”!

Stay tuned…

The Editor
The Editor
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